Accommodation not only satisfies the physical aspect of travel but also heals the wandering soul. The Pu Hospitality Group has successively established brands such as 'Boutech Waterfront Hotel,' 'Boutech DahuPark Hotel Travel,' 'Boutech Archess Hotel' 'Boutech Jiantan Hotel' and 'Hotel Floor Restaurant & Bar' widely beloved by domestic and international business travelers, groups, backpackers, and family tourists.

The love and affirmation from travelers are not only due to the environment and service but also because of the outstanding and comprehensive execution and management team behind the scenes.
In 2023, besides continuously expanding our brand and business scale, we will extend our business scope and scale to include chain catering, brand licensing, creative development, and local revitalization. Managing a hotel or restaurant only requires passion? To venture into the international market, the key is finding the right path!

The management team of Purely Concept is a group of young, dynamic professionals full of vigor and vitality. Your involvement could potentially bring a significant impact on the tourism industry. We need your participation!

Operating Philosophy

We are young, daring, adventurous dreamers from diverse backgrounds, united as a young team. We share a passion for travel, a spirit of adventure for the world, and a fervor for exploration. With hearts full of love for Taiwan, we warmly welcome travelers from all over.

If you enjoy a flexible work environment, hold yourself to high standards, thrive on challenging your limits and abilities, possess resilience, appreciate diverse job responsibilities, have a deep passion for serving people, believe that smiles can create wonderful experiences, aspire to make the world a better place, and are eager to create unique work experiences, then we welcome you to join us on our journey of growth and innovation.

You can assist us in reaching our goal of internationalization by integrating resources from our young team, completing your own projects, establishing your influence, and bridging the gap between you and your dreams.

We need you to demonstrate:
◆ Foreign language communication and negotiation skills.
◆ Team action and integration coordination.
◆ Self/Upward management.
◆ Customer complaint and demand interface.
◆ Project and brand marketing.
◆ Practical experience in hotel operations inside and outside the hotel.

Main Products / Services

onvenient transportation location, providing comfortable, vibrant, emotionally engaging, and experiential accommodation and dining services. Advocating for a balanced sense of distance, free from undue pressure or aggressiveness, and dedicated to crafting excellent details in accommodation and dining services every day.
We also offer sales of Taiwanese craft beer, space rental, and a concept store featuring Taiwanese original brands.

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